Benefits Of Effective Working Relationships

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LEARNER’S NAME: EMMANUEL DIBIAGWU ASSIGNMENT 2 UNDERSTAND HOW TO DEVELOP AND MAINTAIN EFFECTIVE WORKING RELATIONSHIPS 1.1 Explain the benefits of effective working relationships in developing and maintaining the team (20 marks) The benefits of effective working relationship in developing a team include the following: Improved Morale Good working relationships in teams help to improve the morale of team members. When there is effective working relationship among employees as well as managers, the employees feel that they are respected, and their voice are heard, thereby fostering an enabling workplace full of energy and overall happiness. Effective working relationship between employees enables them to support each other when improvement is called for and helps to develop their esteem. Increased Work Efficiency / Productivity A team that has good culture of teamwork and mutual motivation will make the members more productive and smarter. Such a team where seamless and effective relationships exist, members are poised to learn from one another, develop skills and leverage on such internally gained skills to expedite work processes thereby increasing overall efficiency, reducing downtimes and knowledge gaps. Collaboration among such team members will make members to perform at their best by working on what they do best. Building Trust Good working relationship in a team cultivates trust and constantly gives members assurance of everyone being in the benefit of

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