Cy-Fair Team Work Case Study

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Good Afternoon Erica, As you know I have worked here at the Cy-Fair campus for the past five years. I enjoy working with the staff and is always willing to help whenever possible. I have work hard to make sure that I am fulfilling my obligations to the students along with any other task that assigned to me. I enjoy my job and work hard to make sure that the Cy-Fair team is successful. What that being said I would like to ask if you could speak with Donna about her attitude towards me. She is very rude and disrespect. As you know due to the errors I have been working all day to correct the issue. As discussed with Donna I returned the paperwork to her for further verification. I stop in the office later this afternoon to check if there is more work to be done and Donna stated that she did not have the opportunity to view the information. I asked her to let me know if anything else was need. …show more content…

Would it not have been more beneficial for Donna to discuss any issues she had with me instead of complain to people who have nothing to do with our work. I find this very disrespect as I try my best to keep a good working relationship with the staff. At this point I feel uncomfortable working with Donna as she clearly has no regard in giving me the respect of address me rather that talking negatively about me as soon as I leave the room. Good working relationships are imperative to a successful team. However, this cannot be a one sided measure.

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