Summary Of Influencer: The New Science Of Leading Change

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Marissa Mayer is the CEO of Yahoo Incorporated, the juggernaut technology company. Mayer receives both praise and ridicule not only for becoming the first female CEO of the said company, but for the groundbreaking decisions made since appointed to that position. Mayer made headline news in February of 2013, mere months after being appointed to head of the multinational corporation; she discontinued employees’ freedom to work from their own homes. The main reason for the change was her desire for all employees to work in close proximity to one another. “Mayer has said she wants Yahoo to move more quickly, with teams focusing on collaboration and communication. Clearly, Mayer thinks it’s hard to make those connections when working remotely” (Pepitone, 2013). It seems as if Mayer took a page right from Kerry Patterson’s book Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change. …show more content…

The book uses the connection between a dinner table and family connection. The connection represents how distance between personal and working relationships causes a rift between the respective parties. “The dining room table is a significant facilitator of family togetherness. Do away with the table, and family members lose a fairly large portion of their time together” (Patterson et al, page 270, 2013). In this example, the dining room table represents the workplace. A workplace is symbolic to a team joining together under one roof to achieve a common goal: to improve and operate a company. The authors of Influencer: The New Science of Leading Change and Mayer all seem to agree the ability to be personally connected and underneath one roof it pivotal to improving a working

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