Structural Family Therapy Model For The Grape Family

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I believe Structural Family Therapy model would be the most appropriate approach for the Grape family. The family structure is the focal point of crisis. According to Goldenberg, Stanton, and Goldenberg (2017), a family will do whatever possible to maintain its present and preferred structure creating homeostasis. The Grape family is saturated in dysfunction with family members overly enmeshed (Goldenberg et al., 2017). One must look at the permeability of boundaries within the Grape family structure. A clear lack of boundaries exists within the family dynamic. Goldenberg, Stanton, and Goldenberg (2017), state that boundaries that are clearly defined between subsystems promote individuality while stressing belongingness to the overall family. One can see both the lack of independence and freedom to experiment within the Grape family structure (Goldenberg et al., 2017). …show more content…

Gilbert’s sibling subsystem overlaps with a parental subsystem imparted upon him as principal caretaker of Arnie. According to Goldenberg, Stanton, and Goldenberg (2017), the system boundaries current in enmeshed families lack differentiation, strength, and cross easily amongst subsystems. The potential exists for children to embrace the parent role, while parental control may be ineffective (Goldenberg et al., 2017). The Grape sibling, more specifically Gilbert, partake in the parental role for both Arnie and Bonnie. Bonnie is somewhat limited with respect to parental control, more than likely resulting from the psychological and physical complications that she

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