The Importance Of Reframing In Family Therapy

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the family direct the therapy session which was beneficial (). The ending phase really is for acknowledging the work that has been done and recognizing the use of new skills and information. Aponte really expresses how the family needs to stick with it and that both the mother and father need to work together in order for this family dynamic to work. This is when what was learned new can really be put into motion to help facilitate change. This is when Aponte really made the demand for work that wasn’t seen in the past. Aponte also really spotlights the importance of peer support within the family dynamic. At the ending of this session Aponte really tells the family good work and reinforces that it’s going to work if the family stays with it and that consistency is key (). IV. Reframing…show more content…
The skill of reframing is significant in family therapy because, it helps to look at the problem in a new light so that the problem at hand will be easier to solve and figure out. By looking at the problem differently it can be easier to understand and resolve. In this session the family made the problem seem as if it was all just Pam from the beginning. Pam in this session was used as a scapegoat and the underlying issue of family dynamic really was addressed toward the middle and last phase in this session. The growth from the beginning to the end of this session really reframed the problem. In the beginning the family was pointing fingers and blaming Pam but by the end the relationship between the mother and father and relationship between mother daughter and father daughter was really at the surface. By both parents being on the same page and being consistent the problem could be resolved but by blaming Pam and not looking at the issue in a new light the problem couldn’t be resolved they would just continue to
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