Group Therapy: Three Points And Goals Of Family Therapy

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According to Horne (2002) intervention and planning therapy are closely connected. The primary purpose of the initial interventions and the practices chosen must be contingent upon the nature of the issue being presented as well as the physiotherapist security with a specific method, for example, “cognitive, group, and behavioral rehabilitation” (para. 1). Treatment planning and interventions relate to solving substance abuse issues and the problem that will be identified during the physiotherapist process. And, if intervention is determined, the mission is to effectively resolve the difficulties and work to seek modification for the current issues. There are various phases of presenting problems which can be labelled in terms of spousal problems, close relative issues, as well as extended-family difficulties wherein each stage requires its own exclusive therapy treatment. Substance abuse treatment is often effective in short-term, …show more content…

Others in the group are exposed to these behaviors, and this often inspires and provokes and promote change in others in the group. According to M.U.S.E. (2018) it is mainly an support technique. Three points and goals of family therapy is that it allows each person to have an honest say about the situation. The family unit can discuss what is bothering them; helping them understand the roles of each person in the home and identify how everybody can work through the dysfunction together to have a healthier functioning home. Plus, new behavioral skill is learned to correct negative behaviors in the home (M.U.S.E., 2081). And, the three points and goals for individual rehabilitation is that it can be used if the patient have dual diagnosis issues, for example depression and hallucinations. Clients learn successful tools to take the control over their own life, and learn how to respond to difficult situations with effective coping

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