South Beach Alcohol Treatment Center Case Study

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With the prevalence of drugs and alcohol in the South Beach area of Florida, it's easy for local residents to get caught up in the cycles of partying and subsequently, addiction. If you find yourself suffering from the disease of alcoholism, regardless of where you live, a South Beach alcohol treatment center might be the last bastion of hope you will have to regain control over your life. A South Beach Alcohol Treatment Center for Non-Residents South Florida has a great reputation for being one of the top rehab destinations in the country, if not the world. Seeking help from a rehab center located in an environment that is far away from one's home turf is a good idea for people who are dealing with an addiction and are easily distracted or led astray by people, places and things in their home environment. In the South Florida area, a South Beach alcohol treatment facility like Lakeview Health in Jacksonville is ideally suited to dealing with patients from other cities and …show more content…

In order to facilitate these kinds of results, the facility focuses on a variety of inpatient treatment programs that are designed specifically around the needs of the patients. Much of the primary residential treatment program is built around the 12-Steps of recovery. After a medically monitored detox, if required, the facility's counselors will use a variety of treatment methods to help patients identify issues and learn the coping skills they will need to avoid drinking for the rest of their lives. When apparent emotional or mental problems are creating additional issues, dual diagnosis treatment can be easily incorporated into the treatment process. Finally, the facility uses a very nice 4-day family program to infuse family members into the treatment process to help create a better support group for future

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