Summary Of Ride The Tiger A Guide Through The Bipolar Brain

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The video “Ride the Tiger: A guide through the Bipolar Brain” introduced and explored new insights in brain science that are being used to create new and more effective treatments for Bipolar and depression. It is important to understand about how the biological components of these disorders affect our patents and how effective medication can be. I can use this information to guide clinical decisions when working with clients who suffer from Bipolar or Depression. Initially, this video gave me a greater understanding about how much biology affects these disorders and the importance of incorporating referrals to a psychiatrist is in our work. Using medication to address these disorders can be a life and death issue because of the prevalence of suicide risk associated with them. Should a clinician not refer a client for medical intervention, they would be negligent in their care in addressing the whole person. Additionally, addressing issues from the biological perspective can help reduce feelings of guilt for clients that are associated with their disorder. Often clients are told to “buck up” by friends and family. This often results in guilty feelings for them because that they can’t seem to escape their symptoms no matter how hard they try. Educating clients about the impact of the …show more content…

It is important to provide this information to client which may provide hope for restoration. The video described various areas the client should address in treatment, including sleep, diet, exercise, and social activities. These areas should be assessed in a biopsychosocial assessment prior to treatment. As a clinician, I incorporate all these areas of functioning in my treatment plan for clients. I want to provide effective treatment, and as this video explained, we must do this from a systems perspective, looking at all areas of functioning that can affect mental

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