Bipolar Disorder In 'Notes To My Biographer'

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People on medications who suffer from mental illness may not feel like themselves, so many people fear of losing their selves. Bipolar disorder is a mental illness that causes unusual and extreme shifts in a person’s functioning, mood and behavior further conveyed through erratic mood swings. However, the symptoms delusions of grandeur, and racing thoughts get in the way. It’s very important to be understood when dealing with a mental illness, furthermore remember to work out the manic episodes. The author, Adam Haslett, addresses a daily issue battling a disorder in the story “Notes to My Biographer”. A father, suffering from manic depression, pays a visit to his son, to whom he hasn't spoken in four years. The story Notes to My Biographer, …show more content…

The author has given a sane person and insane person whose thoughts run wild, yet it keeps the readers intrigued. When the author mentions the outcome of Graham taking the pills, “I used to cast fire from the tips of my fingers... But now I take the pills, I haven’t bankrupted us yet, I don’t want to kill myself.” Deciding to take your medicine is a big step, it is important for controlling illnesses. One of the purposes of a medication’s is take one’s mind focus and on a clear path of pursuing their goals. In addition, medicine keeps your thoughts quiet and brings awareness of one’s harmful thoughts. Therefore, the medicine prepares people with mental illness for the ups and downs. On the hand there is Franklin who doesn’t take meds, “Do you realize what bicycles mean to people? They’re like ice cream or children’s stories, they’re primal objects woven into fabric of our earliest memories, not to mention our most intimate connection with the wheel itself…printing presses, religious transformations, undreamt-of speed” This quote descried Franklin in his mania, his words are rambling. Franklin fails to realize that his own life is at stake, he is his worst threat than anything else. Bipolar disorder is a consist battle your mind and your

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