Tiffany's Bipolar Theory

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Pat was at a psychiatric hospital for his severe bipolar disorder. His mom arrived at the hospital to discharge him after the court served him 8 months to get the necessary treatment he needs due to his brutal behavior. It all started when he got home from work and he heard his wedding video playing. He traced the sound where it was leading to the bathroom and then suddenly caught her with another man. Pat got so frustrated that he was losing his mind and brutally assaulted his wife’s lover after his wife’s lover said, “Get out!” After that incident he could not control himself or his behavior. All he could think of is his wife Nancy, because he was still in love with her even though she cheated on him. Ever since he got out of the hospital Pat still cannot stop talking about Nancy. He asked his mom if he could go to the library to read Nancy’s syllabus and he also ran to the school where Nancy works at and talked with one of her colleagues if she still works there. The police showed up at Pat’s door and gave him a warning to obey the restraining order. Pat got really upset the following night because he could not find his wedding video. His bipolar disorder got so out of hand that he woke up the neighbors. …show more content…

Tiffany has problems of her own ever since her husband died. They both auditioned at a dance competition, however they did not do their very best but was happy anyways. They both gave each other hugs when Pat saw Nancy where he hugged her and talked to her. Tiffany’s reaction to that was filled with anger and surprise and she could not believe of what she saw. She thought Pat was over with Nancy, but was lied to. Tiffany ran away and Pat saw the look on her face. He caught up to her and confessed his love for her, after that they both shared an intimate

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