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The Pigman by Paul Zindel is about the lives of an old man, Mr.Pigman, and two teenagers, John and Lorraine. John and Lorraine were two “normal” children that went to school and had a rough time in their homes. The growing bond between John and Lorraine started when one day John and Lorraine met on the school bus one morning. Due to the fact that the first time they met was on a school bus, there was no room for mortification to occur. Soon after, John started getting himself into trouble at school. Basically, John started setting off small explosives during the afternoon hours of the day, which then lead him to receive the nickname “Bathroom Bomber.” On the other hand, Lorraine was an extremely well-rounded young lady that wrote as an avocation. …show more content…

Pignati was becoming strong and passionate, so was the friendship between John’s friends, Denise and Norton. To receive more information about the friendship between Denise and Norton, John went to the cemetery with Norton a few days before Thanksgiving. Being they were in a graveyard, the only thing John could think of during their conversation was how putrid the dead body resting under him was. One of the topics that came up while John and Norton were conversing was when John used to play with dolls, since people now knew that, he tried to seem extra manly now. On the flip side, Norton recently got into stealing valuable items from people's houses. When John heard Norton say he started stealing lately, he left the park not caring about Norton anymore. Over time, John and Lorraine hung out with Mr. Pignati as often as they could. Unlike Mr. Pignati, one night he didn't respond to anything and he wasn't cracking jokes, so John and Lorraine knew something was wrong, it was just a matter of time till they could figure it out. Acting mundane, Mr. Pignati let out what was tearing him apart inside, his wife had died, she wasn’t on vacation in California. Therefore, most of the time that John and Lorraine hung out with Mr. Pignati, he was trying to forget the death of his wife. Overall, the saddest part was the fact that Mr. Pignati and his wife would always go to the zoo together and now John and Lorraine are taking her spot. Knowing …show more content…

Pignati didn’t talk to either one of them for several days after he came home from the hospital and saw a party in his house. Realizing what he did was wrong, John gave Mr. Pignati a phone call late one afternoon. While on the phone with Mr. Pignati, John had asked if he would like to go to the zoo with him and Lorraine, Mr. Pignati's answer was yes of course. The following day, when John and Lorraine had been sitting at the zoo for an hour and a half, they started to wonder if Mr. Pignati was even going to show. Shortly after, Mr. Pignati showed up and instantly wanted to go see Bobo. As if he were in a really hard race, Mr. Pignati sprinted over to the baboon exhibit to find Bobo. After looking for a while, Mr. Pignati had no luck finding Bobo, his excitement dropped to the ground. Soon after Mr. Pignati would find out that Bobo had died. Feeling suddenly depressed, Mr. Pignati’s world had come to an end, he had nothing to really live for anymore. Mr. Pignati would later die right then and there at the baboon exhibit. For the rest of their lives, John and Lorraine would have to live with the pain of never being able to say sorry for Mr. Pignati for what they had done and had put him

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