Everyday Use Compare And Contrast Essay

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Most people struggle with figuring out who they really are. The short story "Everyday Use,” written by Alice Walker, emphasizes this aspect of individuality. It is about an African- American mother and her two daughters. The story concentrates on the lives of two sisters named Maggie and Dee(Wangero). Maggie is portrayed as a homely and ignorant girl, while Dee is portrayed as a beautiful and educated woman. For some of my family the search for individuality is an ongoing process. In fact, my family and the family in “Everyday Use” share similarities and differences when it comes to actions of young people, the treatment of children, and relationships between family members. Firstly, the young people in my family and in the short story share similarities and differences when it comes to our actions. Dee, known as Wangero, and I have some similarities. She is spoiled, and she is a mean kind of spoiled, and does not like to be told anything. According to Mama, Maggie thinks that Dee has never heard the word “no” (109). Also, she thinks she knows everything. As for me I am spoiled. I …show more content…

In conclusion,Alice Walker used two characters to carry out a deeper meaning of a short story.It showed similarities and differences to my family, and the family in “Everyday use”.Also it show how maggie and Dee are two very different characters.Maggie and Dee didn 't share a bond with each other throughout their,but I am glad my brothers and I

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