Instructor Exercise 6.1

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Instructor Exercise 6.1 - Developing a Structured Interview Guide INTERVIEW GUIDE The Interviewer should record responses to each question during the interview. Immediately after the interview, indicate your reaction to each answer beneath the response. Cover all competencies. Take notes. Candidate: George Wilson Interviewer: Bhavana Pilla Date: 9/21/2015 Position: Assistant Manager REVIEW OF APPLICATION FORM Items of interest to you on the application resume: Education, Experience, Previous employment recommendation and skills set OPEN THE INTERVIEW AND ESTABLISH RAPPORT • Warm, friendly greeting. • Names are important, yours and the applicants. (Use first and last name correctly.) • Break the ice - talk about his or her trip,…show more content…
What is your experience with this matter and what new ways can you contribute to infection control? 8. Practices Safety Management • Reports safety and environmental hazards • Responds per hospital and departmental policy to fire drills, codes, etc. • Reports all patient/visitor/employee occurrences according to policy • Ensures that work area is clean and free of safety hazards • Utilizes equipment in an appropriate and safe manne Have you had fire drills at your previous work place? Have you encountered safety and environmental hazards at a work place? What steps did you take? Have you ever been responsible for an individual? 9.Demonstrats Teamwork • Offers to assist others when work is complete without being prompted • Supportive of team goals and efforts • Respects the policies of other departments • Speaks in a positive, professional manner about coworkers, physicians, and the hospital • Communicates effectively with patients, visitors, and coworkers; takes action to classified information received from oth Do you prefer to lead or be led by, in a team? What do you think are the benefits of working as a team over individual

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