Bass Pro Shop Case Study

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Bass Pro shop is a very complex company that runs on a large-scale model, which requires many components in order to run and function properly. Any type of retail store must have multiple process and procedures in order to run effectively. This is especially becomes difficult when a company is in the business of specialized goods. As does Bass Pro Shop. Products and items that do not have a large-scale consumer demand due to its specific purpose are pretty much all the items bass pro shop sells. And it is for this reason that bass pro shop must keep to the highest standards when it comes to operations, quality performance, employee management relations, quality competitive advantage, as well as other key concepts. There are multiple steps involved in having a retail store for outdoor goods, there are many performance standards involved in Bass pro shops …show more content…

Bass pro shop employees are taught to always be team oriented and follow specific quality policies with the goal of operating and improving production and product services. When employees come together to find a way to complete tasks at a much more efficient rate of time, this then leads to more productivity. Lessening the strain of the workload on each individual employee, and providing for a more effective overall business is a key ingredient in “effective teamwork.” “Teams promote equality among individuals, and encourages a positive attitude and trust, teams develop a greater sense of responsibility for achieving goals and preforming tasks.” (Quality & performance excellence pg331) This attribute of giving employees this satisfaction will make their passion for their job increase and have a direct positive effect on their quality of work as well. Bass pro shop obtains highly productive employees for this exact, their quality in production and product services is so

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