Nordstrom Market Segmentation

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Retail positioning aims to provide competitive edge by differentiating the retailer from its competition. This differentiation can be achieved through retail offerings that appeal to, and are easily identifiable to by its target market. This process is done by selecting market segmentations and matching them to the retail offerings as precisely as possible. It is vital to understand the consumers needs and wants in order to make a proper match and be distinguished from other retailers. Nordstrom distinguishes itself from other retailers by positioning itself as an upscale fashion store with outstanding customer service, and its multichannel approach. Many of the same clothes offered by Nordstrom can be purchased elsewhere for less money. However, Nordstrom knows that you can’t get the same level of customer service anywhere else, and people are willing to pay more …show more content…

After massive success from the high end luxury retail stores, the company decided to expand its business in the online and off-price categories. This multi channel strategy enables Nordstrom to utilize its inventories and fulfillment warehouses to its maximum potential. Additionally, this multichannel strategy also allows the company to have different offerings for each market segment. Nordstrom now operates their off-price and online channels as well as the full-price. Nordstrom rack is an off-price retailer owned by Nordstrom. Nordstrom Rack is an outlet where style meets savings. This channel offers clothes and accessories from high end brands at a significant discount. Not all of Nordstroms target consumers are high end shoppers. Nordstrom Rack aims to target middle class customers to compete with other similar businesses such as TJ Maxx and Ross. These off-price store have even exceeded sales over the full-line stores. Furthermore, Nordstroms online channel has attracted many millenials. The millennials are an integral part of the

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