A Look At Macy's Thanksgiving Day American Culture

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Introduction: A Look at Macy’s History
When someone thinks of Thanksgiving in America many think of football, turkey, pilgrims, Native Americans, and the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. It has been a staple of Thanksgiving Day since it began on Christmas of 1924. (Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade History) Every year the parade draws millions of people to the streets of New York City, and to the TVs at their homes. This Thanksgiving Day tradition shows how much and how long Macy’s has been a part of modern day American Culture. Macy’s inception from very small roots is indicative of the American dream. Macy’s was created by Rowland Hussey Macy as just a tiny dry foods business that not too many people would take a second look at. R.H. Macy turned …show more content…

They carry the best in men’s and women’s apparel, designer handbags, shoes, jewelry, beauty, and bed and baths merchandise. Their focus in Women’s merchandise can be seen in the chart below. Nike, Levi’s, Kitchen Aid, Michael Kors, Coach, Ralph Lauren, and The North Face can all be seen in Macy’s stores. They have also partnered with many celebrities including Martha Stewart, Sean Combs, Beyoncé, Donald Trump, and Usher to bring signature products to market. Macy’s is a leader in private label brand, which allows the company to offer quality products with high value (Macy's …show more content…

By late 2014 Macy’s will have created a total of 33 charging stations in their stores in California. Macy’s has also been able to maintain a 95% adoption rate of recycled paper in their stores. They have also been able to use both solar energy and the use of LED light bulbs to cut their electricity usage by 38% since 2002 (Macy’s Sets New Sustainability Goals, 2014). Their private brands have joined the Sustainable Apparel Coalition which is aimed at reducing the environmental and social impact of apparel products around the

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