Starbucks Target Audience Analysis

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In order to formulate an effective ad, the target audience must always be defined and understood. Starbucks Coffee’s target audience is families with young children. There are several factors involved in determining the target audience, and that is demographic, geographic, psychographic, and consumer insights.
Firstly, there are several demographic variables that are taken into account. Starbucks’ target audience is not gender-specific as it included both males and females. The age bracket for adults are between the ages of 25-40 years, and children aged 2 years and above. The adults in the target audience are married, and with children. From a social class viewpoint, affluent families are prioritized, focusing on households with middle to high income. Additionally, these are adults that have graduated tertiary education and are now urban professionals.
Secondly, the geographic location of Starbucks’ target audience is the urban city of Malaysia, where Starbucks outlets are often regarded as the third location besides their home and workplace for urban professionals to work or to spend some downtime alone or with their peers. Teenagers would spend time at Starbucks as well for meet-ups with friends and as a place to study.
Thirdly, there are several psychographic and consumer insights involved. Customers tend to stay for longer periods at Starbucks as free Wi-Fi is provided, making Starbucks outlets a prime location for doing work away from the office or home. With its

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