Costco Target Market Analysis

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Market Segmentation: To be of value market segments must be measurable, substantial, accessible, differentiable, and actionable (Kotler & Keller, 2012). Segmentation of demographics for Costco is vast as the current product offerings include all genders, ethnicities, incomes. age groups, and social classes. When considering demographics, it is important to consider the average or typical characteristics of the target market. As mentioned earlier the target market or focus for this company is supplying the small- to medium-sized business and targets the middle- to high-end consumer with its private label brand Kirkland Signature. Categories of products currently include major appliances, furniture, electronics, luxury items, special events, …show more content…

Consumer Reports magazine reports that Costco is the leader and is the preferred retailer in the opinion of the readers based on factors such as product quality, value, friendliness of store and staff, ease of returning items, and overall service. Costco was also considered the value leader by providing the best bang for the buck. Walmart, Sam’s Club, and Target fell below Costco’s ranking in terms of popularity and value for consumers (Keshner, 2010). Psychographic characteristics typically go beyond the external focus and are not as easy to quantify but do identify why consumers buy a particular product or service (All Business, …show more content…

Gold Star membership targets the individual or typical household and is offered at $55.00 for an annual membership. Business membership also cost $55.00 for an annual fee and includes household membership and focuses on business owners and managers. This type of membership is used for the purchase of products for business use, personal use, and resale use. The membership owner may add up to an additional six members for an annual of $55.00 each. The Business membership is Costco core target of offering small businesses products with reduced costs intended for resale. The Executive membership is offered at an annual fee of $110.00 and targets the mid- to high-end individual consumer. This membership offers a two percent annual payback reward and additional discounts on other specialty services (Costco Wholesale,

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