Trail Life USA Vs. Boy Scouts Of America

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Trail Life USA vs. Boy Scouts of America
Trail Life USA (TLUSA) and Boy Scouts of America (BSA) are two youth development organizations that share a similar mission: to provide young people with the opportunity to grow through skill development, outdoor experiences, and service to others. The two organizations have similar programs for youth. Both TLUSA and BSA offer activities in outdoor education and exploration, citizenship, character development, and service. The primary difference between the two organizations is their approach to values, beliefs, and program cost. TLUSA is an evangelical Christian organization that emphasizes a faith-based approach to scouting, while BSA is a secular organization that remains politically neutral. Both …show more content…

The National Executive Board is supported by a Council of Advisors, which consists of representatives from local Trail Life USA chapters. The local TLUSA troops are headed by a Charter Organization that has agreed to abide by the Trail Life Statement of Faith. These organizations then find and vet leaders to run the program. Within a troop there are male leaders who work directly with the youth to run the program. The younger trailmen, from Kindergarten through Fifth grade can have a female leader but it is not encouraged as having strong male role model is one of the biggest motivators for the start of this organization. They do encourage females to step into roles that are not directly leading the youth, such as Committee Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, and Committee Members. Every adult who is a registered member of a troop must be approved by the Charter Organization, pay yearly dues, undergo a background check every two years, and complete Child Safety Youth Protection Training (CSYPT) every two years. The CSYPT training is to help those in leadership to provide a safe place for the troop members and to help them to recognize and stop abuse before it happens. The cost of the TLUSA program is about half the cost of …show more content…

The National Council is supported by the National Executive Board and National Key 3, which are responsible for the day-to-day operations of the organization. The National Council then has Councils that run the operations for each district they represent. In the Hendersonville, Transylvania, and Buncombe County area that is the Daniel Boone Council, which is then divided into three districts that have a paid District Executive who oversees each pack or troop in their district. The BSA also has additional volunteer leaders who assist and help with events for their council such as day, twilight, or summer camps. Each registered adult is required to take yearly Youth Protection Training (YPT) to help protect the youth in the organization. The cost of membership in the BSA within our local council is $87 per youth, plus an additional $25 for youth who are new to the program; adult volunteer membership is $57 per

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