Boy Scouts of America Essays

  • National Honor Society Principles

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    dedication to these four principles on the Spiritual standpoint, the Familial level, the Community level and finally at the National level. Moreover, I did begin my dedication to these same four principles even before this starting with the Boy Scouts of America and this commitment will continue along with having a rich future when I reach my fullest potential. I firmly believe that to have academic excellence is giving your best effort to maintain not just having straight As and a high GPA at or close

  • Essay On Eagle Project

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    Before a Boy Scout becomes an Eagle Scout he must do what people refer to as an “Eagle Project”. When it became my time to do my Eagle Project I wanted my project to be something I felt passionate about for a cause that I felt passionate about. Being born with high functioning cerebral palsy and having two cousins with Down syndrome, I chose to a project for a school in Raleigh known as the Frankie Lemmon School. The Frankie Lemmon School is a school, located in a basement of a church, for preschoolers

  • Argumentative Essay: The Boy Scouts Of America

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    The Boy Scouts of America teaching youth loyalty, kindness, being trustworthy, cheerful, brave, and clean since 1910. Watching the youth in my pack has inspired me so much and made me a better person. Watching so many children and young adults grill from working hand-in-hand with each other. Showing the world every day that innocent young children can impact the world in a positive manner if they are taught to do so. Being in a military pack in the city of Las Vegas melting pot of many cultures we

  • Eagle Scout Life Speech Examples

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    honor Over the past 13 years, scouting has taught me a lot of things that will stay with me the rest of my life. It has taught me, don’t use gasoline to start a fire. I’ve learned that being an eagle Scout isn’t just a title, but a way on how to live your life. Since 2008, when I joined Boy Scouts, I’ve made so many friends and memories that I will never forget. One of the memories is Philmont. If you don’t know what Philmont is, It’s a high adventure where you hike up mountains for 2 weeks. The

  • Path To Eagle Research Paper

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    I first started my scouting journey in Cub Scouts as a Wolf Scout. Through Cub Scouts I met new people and life long friends. I was able to achieve the Arrow of Light and I crossed over into Boy Scouts expecting a new adventure. I was able to earn life with in my first few years as a Boy Scout, The work was hard and challenging, but nothing in compare to the work that I had in front of me. In the next two years of my scouting career I persevered through what they call “The Path To Eagle.” In these

  • Eagle Scout Court Of Honor

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    I had my Eagle Scout Court of Honor. That was the day that I stood in front of my Boy Scouts troop (Troop 470), my friends, and my family to celebrate my achievement of reaching the highest rank in Boy Scouts. I first joined Cub Scouts while in the fourth grade. From the very beginning of my scouting career, I heard about the goal that every Boy Scout sets for himself, but only about five percent ever reaches: the Eagle Scout rank. Scouts and leaders alike discussed the Eagle Scout rank with awe.

  • Public Violation Of Boy Scouts Of America (BSA)

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    Since 1910, Boy Scouts of America (or BSA) has been one of the nation’s largest youth development organizations. BSA aims to create a generation of skilled and responsible young men who can be productive to their society. Throughout years, BSA kept inspiring youth to join its programs with its legitimate policy, which is set of rules that exist in the Scout’s Oauth Law. However, under new oppositions from different organizations, a delegate representing boy scouts has voted to adopt new changes on

  • Boy Scouts Case Study

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    Boy Scouts Controversial Law Changes I was a part of the Boy Scouts of America(BSA) for many years and during that time I saw many different rule changes in the program that affected my troop and many others in different ways. The first law change that immediately affected my troop was when the BSA lifted their ban on letting homosexual scouts into troops. Another law is lifting their ban on homosexual leaders in the troops. Finally, The last controversial law change is letting girls into the boy

  • Benefits Of Service Learning

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    They may also be in charge of the entire Pack or Troop responsible for 30 to 70 boys or more which is broken down into smaller den and patrols. They also have organization committees which will take care of recruiting, training, bookkeeping, planning activities, and awards. Every one of the jobs on the leadership committee will need

  • Ethical Leadership Of Boy Scouts

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    For my ethical leadership paper I choose the Boy Scouts of America organization. The reason that I choose the Boy Scouts of America was that I could not think of a more ethical organization than them. The reason that they are so ethical is that they train young men every day to put other people before there selves when they do community service. A very good example of this would be in 2008 four boy scouts were killed trying to help others before there selves when a tornado hit a camp site in Iowa

  • Impact Of Boy Scouts

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    During World War 2 there is a large group of unsung hero 's that are still around today, these unsung hero 's are known as The Boy Scouts of America. The boy scouts at that time were a group of some 1,600,000 kids who would help with their community doing different things that would help the community. But during the World War 2 era they served as helpers for the war. They were working for the federal government and the Office of War Information. They would help by distributing posters around town

  • Hooters Case Study

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    Sponsor Cub Scout Camp Category: Tags: hooters camp, cub scout News & Opinion Teaser: Did the Scouts go too far, allowing Hooters to sponsor Cub Scout Camp? Article: What may have started as a dream day at camp, quickly turned sour after parents discovered photos of their children posing with Hooters girls at Cub Scout camp. Apparently, the three-day Hooters’ sponsored event was something the organizers failed to tell parents. Good deeds never go unpunished The Boy Scouts of America are known for

  • Boy Scouts Accomplishments

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    An accomplishment that I worked on for more than six years is earning the Boy Scouts of America Eagle Scout Award, the highest achievement to be awarded by the Boy Scouts of America. Working towards this achievement was not a simple task, but rather a long journey full of mental and physical challenges. During my first couple years as a Boy Scout, I didn’t focus on earning rank advancements. Instead, I went to meetings with my friends, camping trips, and other troop activities. I didn’t earn rank

  • Reflective Essay: The Rank Of Eagle Scout

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    rank of Eagle Scout is the highest attainable in the Boy Scouts of America and on average only four percent of scouts ever earn this achievement. I’m writing to you all about when I earned mine, fellow classmates, to enable all of you to know me and my values better. I earned my Eagle Scout rank on June 23, 2016, just managing to finish all the necessary requirements and paperwork less than a week before my eighteenth birthday. However, a scout will not be able to receive the Eagle Scout rank if they

  • Personal Narrative: Boy Scouts Changed My Life

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    with the Boy Scouts of America. Years ago, I had no idea what that involved. All I knew is that once a week, I would hang out with a group of guys and do an activity with them. Progressively, I learned more about Scouting and what it actually focused on. I began as a Cub Scout, where I went on camping trips, hikes, and attended Cub Scout Day Camp. At the age of eleven, I earned my Arrow of Light, the highest award available to Cub Scouts. One month later, I crossed over into Boy Scouts. I must say

  • Charles Dickerson Drum Corps

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    The Charles Dickerson Drum Corps of New Rochelle, New York went from its humble beginning as part of an all black boy scout troop in 1929 to a national drum corps. In a time when segregation was the norm in the Untied States this African American Boy Scout Troop provided opportunities not available to the average Black male in America, such as musical skills, friendship, travel, competition, and guidance. The Corps first crowd pleasing performance was in New Rochelle 's 1929 Memorial Day Parade.

  • Personal Narrative: My Eagle Scout Service Project

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    volunteering in my church, and Boy Scouts of America. An accomplishment I experienced and has created a large impact on my life was completing my Eagle Scout Service Project. I have been actively involved with Boy Scouts and the Scouting Program once I turned six. After spending about two-thirds of my life with scouting, I cannot picture my life without it. Boy Scouts has taught me life lessons, given me experiences, and helped grow as a person. Boy Scouts has taught me things that most seqven-teen

  • Boy Scouts Ambitions

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    less. My goal was to earn the rank of Eagle in Boy Scouts. When I was the age of five, I joined the scouting program. I have been involved for almost three-quarters of my life, and still am very dedicated to my troop. I currently serve as the Senior Patrol leader for my troop of forty-plus boys ranging from eleven to eighteen years old. As the Senior Patrol Leader, I am charge of running each meeting, planning the meetings, and camping events. Scouts has been an enormous part of my life, and will

  • First Amendment Case Study

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    minority]” (481). However, in this famous case the will of the majority, the Boy Scout of America leaders, leading to the exclusion of the minority, James Dale, from based on his openness about his sexual orientation which conflicted with the beliefs of the scouts at the time. Despite the fact that he was free to speak about his orientation with newspapers and whomever he wishes in general, the ideas were seen by the Scouts as an affront on their “morally straight” requirements which is also protected

  • Personal Narrative: A Profession In The Medical Field

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    Bam! The sound of wood snapping filled the campsite. Naturally, my curiosity got the best of me, and I ran to see what had happened. As I arrived at the broken fence, I saw one of my fellow scouts lying on the ground, bleeding profusely from his neck. In an instant, everything I had learned suddenly became instinct. I sprinted to retrieve my first aid kit, which was big enough to fit an ambulance in. Having no time to put on gloves, I wrapped Cordell’s neck with gauze, attempting to stop the bleeding