Critical Analysis Of Costco

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Key Trends – Globalisation One of the main opportunities Costco has is more global expansion to specific targeted countries. Although operating in many countries, Costco is heavily dependent on the U.S. and Canadian markets. It still has the opportunity to expand into the Asian and Australian markets where it has a limited presence. Costco has the capability to operate about 100 stores in Taiwan, Korea and Japan combined and about 20 stores in Australia. It currently has 41 stores in Taiwan, Korea and Japan combined and 6 stores in Australia. There is clearly room for further expansion into these regions as well as the opportunity for massive expansion into China and India. When Costco enters another country it does everything in its power…show more content…
Costco does not have an effective social media marketing strategy. Despite using some social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter etc., Costco has a severe lack of presence in the social media world due to an ineffective strategy or lack thereof. Their Facebook page gives very little information about any events or offers available and often directs customers to in order to get any proper information about their products. Poor use of social media as an effective form of advertisement has seriously reduced their potential customer base. They need to develop a marketing strategy that can incorporate social media for use in marketing and…show more content…
It is a good way to market and to find out ones target market and is one of the only ways to communicate directly with potential customers. These personal interactions help to build brand loyalty among customers. Costco would also be able to see what customers are saying about their products and find inspiration for new ideas or improvements that would otherwise be missed. With over 600 million active users, Facebook can be used to communicate with a massive audience of potential customers. Costco could use their Facebook page to advertise their products, introduce new products, keep customers up to date on sales and other in-store events coming up. Facebook, Twitter and Youtube are currently the top social media sites businesses use. The benefits to using any type of social media are that many of them are free to use, have a large audience, allows interactions with customers which can improve customer satisfaction and increases traffic to the company’s website. Costco using any of these types of social media networks would be greatly beneficial for their company if they are performed in a professional

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