Informative Speech On Social Media

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INFORMATION Social media has to be one of the greatest developments of human history. It has connected humanity like never before. It has changed the way that people do business, with companies providing their own social media accounts to interact in real time with customers. We can quickly see what’s going on in our communities and around the world. However despite being constantly connected, people are still feeling alone so why? With the ability to be able to keep in touch with everyone why are people lonelier than ever? The issue with social media is that people only share the good things in their life and never the bad making people judge themselves based off of other people’s so called “perfect” lives, it also makes others try to keep up with the same standard as their friends making them want to post only the good things in their life which can also make people viewing their profile not truly connect with that person as they don’t see the person’s ‘true life’ but only the good moments. There are also many people who purposefully portray an image of themselves that they want the world to see, but one that is far from the real image. Social media is so very popular especially with teens as it gives them • An easy way to share their lives with friends and family • The chance to try on different identities and explore new interests • A semi-private platform on which to communicate outside of the supervision of adults But, what is the use of technology if when you

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