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What do you know about the constitution?
Well if you do you will understand why i want to make the monument the united states filled in with all the states flags and write on the top We the people . If you don't understand i will explain to you. On the constitution it was titled “We The People” and that constitution brought the states together and united . Dont worry i will explain more about it if you're still confused, so on the constitution it basically states that it holds the laws of the amendments . my monument basically symbolises unity and how the constitution brought the united states together.

My next symbol on my monument is the signatures on the back of it . It symbolises the signatures that were on the constitution . The reason for this is because there the reason we have freedom of speech and unity. Is because of them and the …show more content…

I really don't know why i chose this but i feel like its history because they made their flags with their reasonings . Also it means alot that the states are united and stand for freedom with their own flags basically having a voice .Of creativity for there state it puts it all together i feel as tho flags have a meaning and stand for what there state is about . Also it represents a states induvalding and independence but when it has the united states flag in the back it means that the states are united and together.
My monument is is going to be the state's flag on the american map . With the american flag as the base of the the monument. With the signatures that were on the constitution on the back of the monument . I really think my monument is a good symbol for unity and freedom basically what the constitution is about my monument is a very good symbol because of the unity and the symbolism it has . well by now you should know why i chose the symbols in my monument , my monument basically stands for unity and empowerment of

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