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Around the world people memorialize great hero’s, express great sorrow for those lost in battle, and celebrate the triumphs that had built the ground and infrastructure from one nation to the next; monuments are constructed to remember our past. Yet, monuments cannot be constructed out of nothing ,great goes into planning, paying, and research that goes into making sure correct homage is paid those who are due.If one wishes to build a memorial a few things must be taken into consideration,making sure the monument honors or recognizes an important person or event, the design of the building including shape and size,and lastly the monument is placed in an acceptable location based on the subject matter. The most important factor in building a monument is making something that people will recognize and feel an attachment to. …show more content…

You would obviously never construct a statue of President Lincoln for a museum about whales, the purpose of a monument is “to honor the memory”(Source C) of those gone, the last thing anyone wants to do is be disrespectful to those who have sacrificed so much. Evidence of this has happened before, specifically with the holocaust museum(Source E) offending jewish people and arguing the importance of a memorial in america. People ignorant to the importance of memorials might claim that it's “too close to graffiti”(Source C), the markings of territory with accomplishments and sorrows. Yet, it is not graffiti, it is the nation's way to remember and respect those we have lost, no matter where you are in this world. The location, design, and the moment chosen to memorialize are all tremendous factors to take into consideration when building a great monument. If the world would take these considerations into account, we would have less problems with the impolite and disgraceful creation of disrespectful memorials and more amazing creations of mankind for the

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