The Paradox Of Choice: Why More Is Less By Barry Schwartz

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The Paradox of Choice - Why More Is Less, a nonfiction book, by American author Barry Schwartz. In the book, Schwartz argues that eliminating consumer choices can greatly reduce problems for those who don’t shop often. My questions about the book when I chose it were in the following order: 1. Why choose to write a book on subject matter like this? 2. What was the need to write this book? 3. Why is there no sequel to this book? I chose this book to find out more about the problems of having too much freedom to choose in life. Barry Schwartz clearly divides his book into four parts and I will explain each section as i go along.
Part 1 discusses how the range of choices people all over the world face every day has grown in recent years. The United states has more available options than they have ever had when it comes to shopping for what they want as a whole. Shopping for groceries the grocery store is the perfect example of this. A long glance up and down the aisles, you will see things like 40 brands of chips, 32 different kinds of cookies or 100 enticing things to get in the snack aisle itself. Say you don’t wish to leave your home to shop for what you want, that is not an issue while there are catalogue books that you can acquire, request what you want on the phone as well as ordering it online and it will be shipped to your home. American citizens go shopping around once or twice a week sometimes more, which in most cases happens to be much often than they will got

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