Personal Narrative: Hollister Co.

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Undoubtedly my favorite retail place to shop has to be Hollister Co. Apon walking in, you get a blast of a beach town chill vibe. Workers greet you itmeditally with a, “whats up dude?”, or with a node of a head. Their clothing has a surfer, and sand bum look that appeals to younger kids. Which most importantly catches my attention, since I 'm originally from Florida. I tend to look for those styles, consisting of beach town appeal. Like the long flowy tops, shorts, and super skinny jeans. In fact, Hollister is one of the few places that carry jeans small enough to even fit me. Since I wear a size 3, and it 's sometimes hard to find pants that are small enough to fit me. I come to Hollister not only for their great clothes, but also because

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