Personal Narrative: Working At Winn Dixie

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”Open up register 2!” My manager always found a way to ruin my day. Winn Dixie was the first place I worked. I began working their when I was 16. I started working there on June. Many orders and directions later I just had about enough; it was about 5 more months. Most people say that 5 months was nothing, but my manager gave me the worst hours, and made me pick up carts, and clean bathrooms even when I was just a cashier. Time went by really slow, but I’m going to guide you through my journey as a Winn Dixie employee. Ecstatic was the word that describes how I first felt about working at Winn Dixie. At first I wanted to work there because I knew a lot of people who worked there as well. The pay wasn’t horrendous and the hours seemed great. I knew the pharmacist he was like my big brother, and the employees were great so they had a big influence on my decision to pursue a career in Winn Dixie. First 4-6 weeks everything was flowing smoothly. Until I started seeing a couple of things I didn’t like. My manager always had it in for me, And I started realizing she only gave me weekends. Sure, that wasn’t a big deal, but when I asked occasionally for a Saturday maybe a Sunday off she would go ludicrous. Sundays I would have church so I started…show more content…
My manager had asked me on Thursday that I had to work on Sunday at 3. That’s perfect I told her. Friday my father got home; he’s a trucker so I don’t see him much, we were going to spend the weekend in family and have fun. Sunday comes around after church my family and friends were going to a get-together. I rush after church and arrive to Winn Dixie, when I get there My Manager Aggressively says what are you doing here you start work at 5. Suddenly I felt all my blood gushing through my veins and my blood pressure sky rocketing. I calmly say no you said I work at 3. After a displeased back and forth we came to an
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