Personal Narrative: A Career As A Truck Driver

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Becoming a truck driver was the last thing I thought I would be doing. I was a child care provider and loved it. I never could see myself doing anything except caring for children and then this wonderful opportunity came along and changed everything. I realized things sometimes don’t go as planned especially in this changing economy, and that’s when the most adventurist, scariest and yet fulfilling career change I have ever made was staring me in the face.

I have never been in a truck before so I had an array of emotions and thoughts when I went to school to start learning about this big truck that was both scary and exciting at the same time. After eight weeks of learning the state of California gave me a license I wasn’t quite sure …show more content…

Then my trainer Linda says to me she has to sleep. Sleep? Ok. I think I got this. Linda is just in the sleeper and that is right behind my seat so if I need her she said all I have to do is wake her. Diving to Utah was cool. And then it happened. It started snowing. Not the little cute snowflakes you see on TV while watching your favorite holiday movies, but lots of snow. It was the kind of snow that is unimaginable at least to me, at that time of my life. I have never seen it snow before, and as the cold white snow blows along the road and sticks to the window I holler oh my God. Linda pokes her head out from behind the dark heavy curtain that separates the cab from the sleeper. With her sleepy eyes and a genital voice reminds me to turn on the mirror heaters, the windshield wipers and slow the truck to an appropriate speed. Linda quietly disappears behind the sleeper curtains just as calmly as she appeared. My heart racing from the excitement and beauty loudly beats in my chest as if I had just run a race. I watch into the distance as I slowly move down a long and winding road. All I see is ice and snow and little red and amber dots scattered in the distance, the tale and marker light of a fellow truck driver leading the way. My thoughts are deep within me as I hear the crushing of ice beneath the wheels of the truck and the snow dancing before my

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