Swot Analysis Of Bass Pro Shop

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Summary Bass Pro Shops Outdoor World aims to help people actualize their dreams of an outdoor adventure. Bass Pro Shops is many things; it is a museum, an aquarium, an art gallery, an antique shop, a conservation and education center and most importantly a destination retailer. Bass Pro Shops is the leading retailer of outdoor gear and has more then 1 million visitors a year. Industry retailers agree that Bass Pro Shops is a master marketer when it comes to destination retailers. Destination retailers do not only create a product, they create an unforgettable experience for customers. Goods and services are blended with theater and entertainment. Each Bass Pro Shop is different, but they all feature: cozy, hunting themed, mountain lodge décor, …show more content…

Their sales associates have first hand knowledge attained from living the life and are further trained. Customers travel many hours to reach the store and seem indifferent to pricing differences for identical products from discounters. The blend between destination retailing and theatre seems here to stay. Thanks to Bass Pro Shops “your adventure starts here”. 1)Prepare a S.W.O.T. analysis for Bass Pro Shop. What types of strategies do you recommend based on your analysis ? SWOT Analysis is a strategic method that is implemented by a company, in order to determine their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats regarding a business undertaking. The company defines their objective and determines what the external and internal elements are that can have a positive or negative impact on reaching their goal. The purpose of every SWOT analysis is to recognize what the main internal and external factors are that are vital in attaining the objective of the firm. All the information that is gathered about the internal and external elements is divided into 2 …show more content…

Bass Pro Shops also has a limited selection of specialty products. This is causing costumers to purchase outdoor gear from their competitors. For example; specialty stores such as Archery USA and Back County Outfitters sell products that are not available for purchase in Bass Pro Shops. Competitors are also aware of the lack in creative innovation for the display products and are trying to catch up to Bass Pro Shop by developing a better visual for buyers and creating a better shopping experience. Bass Pro Shops and its competitors are all growing rapidly despite the decrease of active participants in outdoor activities like hunting, fishing and camping. Denver, Kansas City, Dallas and Milwaukee seem too have an abundance of outdoor chains. Nevertheless, experts predict a revival of growth in outdoor sales as consumers experience Bass Pro Shop destination stores. Another factor that will increase the amount of outdoor sales is the retirement of the baby-boom generation that will take up more leisure-time

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