Bass Pro Shops And Cabelas Comparison Paper

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For my paper, I will be comparing the two websites, “Bass Pro Shops” and “Cabela's.” I’m extremely familiar with both of these websites, as well as their stores, because I’m an avid outdoorsman and spend the majority of my money at either of these companies. These two particular companies are a pretty interesting comparison right now as Bass Pro Shops just bought out the Cabela's brand and the future of Cabela's is unknown. The online rumors is that Cabelas will still be Cabelas, the brand will still exist and very little will change other than being owned by it’s main competition. To start my comparison, I am a little more biased towards Cabela’s between the two. In my opinion, Cabela’s has a better overall selection, better prices, and …show more content…

I shop there regularly both online and in store where with Bass Pro Shops I may stop there and shop maybe once or twice a year. One big plus for Cabela’s that they have over Bass Pro Shop is their Bargain Cave. At Cabelas, the Bargain Cave has an online and an in store option, and both options are incredible. For their online option, the Bargain Cave is a huge sale or clearance on overstock items where the bulk of the included items are 20-60% off their usual price, with there being literally 100’s of items to chose from. The online Bargain Cave changes weekly and it’s a nice option to check in on every week to see what kind of good deals they have for the week. For their in store option, the Bargain Cave has it’s own small room, usually tucked up in one of the corners, where they have a huge sale on selected items. It’s very similar to the online version, however in the stores version they also include items that may be damaged or have damaged packaging …show more content…

For an example, the nearest Cabela's (Owatonna, Minnesota), has three small isles of fishing plastics. Now the nearest Bass Pro Shops (Altoona, Iowa) has nine isles that are nearly double the length as Cabela’s isles, that have nothing but plastics. I fish a lot of plastics and am usually disappointed when I go to Cabelas hoping to buy a few plastics only to be disappointed with their small selection. One surprising area that Bass Pro Shops disappoints in is that they don’t sell live bait at all. Cabelas has their own room that sells nothing but live bait. They have rows and rows of various minnows depending on species and sizes, along with multiple fridges filled with various types of worms, like night crawlers, wax worms, red worms and mealworms. Bass Pro Shops doesn’t have any live bait at all, including worms which is disappointing to me. Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops both have a cool, annual event in the summer where they have a kid’s fishing day on their own private ponds usually found in front of their store. As a kid, I went to both brand’s events and loved both of them. They provide bait, poles and have adults there to help bait hooks and unhook fish. Between the two, I enjoyed Bass Pro Shops’ event better because I caught more and bigger fish in their

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