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  • History Of Electronic Commerce

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    History Electronic Commerce also known as e-Commerce by most has been rapidly growing in worldwide sales ever since it was introduced almost forty years ago in the late 1970s. Today electronic commerce is a trillion dollar industry that is still rapidly growing and increasing in worldwide sales. Electronic commerce wouldn't be where it is today if not for the contribution of its innovators and pioneers. In the year 1972, ARPANET was smartly taken advantaged of and was used to make sales transactions

  • Electronic Commerce Vs E Commerce

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    The electronic commerce was first introduced by Michael Aldrich in 1979 in the form of teleshopping which means shopping from a remote location. The teleshopping used domestic television to view the products and the telephone line to order the products. Later the process changed and started to use computers with Internet connection for the online shopping and known by a new term Electronic Commerce or e-commerce. The e-commerce has increased the businesses by making huge money that would be impossible

  • Electronic Commerce Vs E Commerce

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    and improvement in the world. While electronic commerce (e-commerce) continues to have a deeply impact on the global business environment, technologies and applications have begun to focus more on more. Now a day 's customers and businesses are using the internet to conduct business and to run it which gives an incredible growth for e-commerce. Ecommerce engages different kinds of phases like www, digital rights management, security, privacy issues and electronic payment systems. Now days in market

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Commerce

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    are associated with the use of digital tools, known as information technologies. Therefore, the following essay aims to inform your readers about new trends in trade with technological influence of the twenty-first century. E-commerce, "Electronic commerce is the use

  • What Is The Difference Between Electronic Commerce And E-Commerce

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    level among customers all over the world. Moreover, the electronic commerce itself has become more than just a process of exchange, but a complicated online process, which include such actions as marketing, servicing, and management of workflow and personal information of the customers. It is important to note that e-commerce systems are strongly dependent on resources of internet and other information technologies. The introduction of e-commerce has diminished the effect of geographical barriers. Finally

  • Disadvantages And Difference Between Electronic Commerce And E-Commerce

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    Commerce is the activity of trade between businesses or entities. Commerce also refers to the activity called buying and selling goods or services between seller and consumer. The possibility of commerce has expanded into the creation of electronic commerce or e-commerce. Electronic Commerce or also known as E-Commerce is a type of business model, or segment of a larger business model, that enables a firm or individual to conduct business over an electronic network, typically the internet. E-commerce

  • Electronic Commerce And E-Commerce

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    In this digital era, electronic commerce (“e-commerce”) has become one of the main to ensure accuracy, speed and efficiency where commercial transactions negotiated, confirmed and performed. Began in the World War II as a project of U.S. Department of Defense, the first local area network (LAN) was developed to link computers at the atomic weapons laboratory (Staubhaar, et al., 2011. p: 247), internet has continued to evolve, and become a popular technology and well accepted by the society worldwide

  • Advantages Of Electronic Commerce

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    2.11 Advantage of electronic commerce Offiong (2013) explained the advantages of electronic commerce as follows: I. Opened for twenty four hours: As the commerce website is expected to be opened 7days a week,24 hours a day and 365 days a year, purchases and sales transaction can take place all year round. The customers have access to shop and buy products or services at any time of the day or night from any location that they have access to the internet. The customers can continue shopping even when

  • The Impact Of E-Commerce On The Digital Economy

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    1. Introduction. Problem of digital economy and its impact on global sales is very uptodate. Every year market share of e-commerce is growing fast. According to statistics B2C e-commerce turnover grew on 17,5% in 2016. And nearest years growth of Internet sales will continue to improve. Nowadays in times of increasing globalization and technical progress business is constantly moving to digital forms. When people want to buy something firstly they begin to search needed items in Internet. That's

  • Examples Of E-Commerce Model

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    E-Commerce Model The first and the most important step in the development of an e-commerce site is identify the e-commerce model. There are many different ways that an e-commerce website can make money. Based on who selling to whom, what they are selling, where they got it, and how they are completing the transaction. E –commerce transaction can be done between various parties .e-commerce can be classified in to four major model. • Business to business e-commerce (B2B) model • Business to consumer

  • Social Implications Of E Commerce

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    E-commerce means an electronic business or any business exchange whether selling or buying goods and services on the internet. It allows consumers or customers to exchange or buy electronically from any place in the world without visiting the actual store; it is much easier than going out for shopping which cost the consumer time, effort and transportation. E-commerce has both impacts positive and negative as well, some risks on the business organizations, and that’s depends on the company strategy

  • Recent Trends In E-Commerce

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    Recent Trends in the Field of E-Commerce ( A. Emimol Grace, Lecturer , The American College) Abstract : Today the internet and E-commerce are daily routine in our life. It is no longer a device to be used only by highly wealthy and technologically advanced people. Now it is very popular today with all kinds of people from rich to poor, from businessmen to employees, from scientists to school going students E-commerce or Electronic commerce consists primarily of the distribution, buying, selling

  • Disadvantages Of E-Procurement

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    E- COMMERCE AND E- PROCUREMENT Miss.R.Lavanya1 , A.Balaji Ashok2 , S.Amarnath rao3 , 1Assistant Professor, 2,3 P.G Student , Department of Management Studies, Gates Institute of Technology, Gooty, A.P (INDIA) ABSTRACT In this paper, we analyze the potential contribution of the internet and its commercial application

  • Discuss The Ethical Issues In E-Commerce

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    Ethics in E-Commerce Industry The Internet is so immense and it offers a strong platform for e-commerce to burst. E-Commerce provides not only secured transactions but also instant verification and validation of credit card transactions. E-Commerce is all about doing business by taking advantage of the technology. With ever changing technology and the innovations associated with them, new standards are being adopted. New innovations enable new business practices have many advantages but also bring

  • E-Commerce In Nigeria

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    An Overview of the Potential Impact of E-Commerce on Nigerian Firms The Purpose of this study is to improve the knowledge of E-commerce. Also to bring out the history of e-commerce and how it has developed over the years, and will look at the potential impact it will have in Nigeria and the current stance of e-commerce in different countries across the globe. Introduction Electronic commerce has started to gain major stance across the world, its has brought about a brought about a new method of global

  • Importance Of Logistics In Logistics Strategy

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    Logistics in e-commerce enterprises – strategies and tools Mikołaj Przerada keywords: logistics, e-commerce logistics strategy short summary: The thesis contains an analysis of logistics strategies, methods and tools implemented in e-commerce business. Some examples of process oriented management and an analysis of an influence of new communication and distribution channels with other logistics requirements to successful operations and processes in e-commerce enterprises are also presented

  • What Are The Benefits Of Online Shopping

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    their market and reach out to consumers who may not otherwise visit the physical store. The convenience of online shopping is the main attraction for the consumers. Unique online payment systems offer easy and safe purchasing from other individuals. Electronic consumers exhibit different buying behaviors such as cart abandonment. The benefits of shopping online also come with potential risks and dangers that consumers must be aware of. In the future, we can expect online stores to improve their technology

  • Case Study Of Online Shopping

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    evolution of the market, different stages of transitions can be defined, the last stage being the era of online shopping. The year 1994 when the online shopping was first developed, alas the growth of the internet has been the big advantaged of electronic commerce. After a year, different online shopping sites were also launched and introduced (e.g. Amazon.com followed by eBay.com) and the variety of product became widely available for shoppers. Early days, however, only a few shoppers were active in

  • Literature Review Of Ecommerce

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    2.1 INDUSTRY PROFILE The Electronic Commerce, or E-commerce, industry is one of the most enlightened sectors of the economy. The industry is growing very rapidly, so data collection and estimation are particularly difficult. Therefore, one has to rely largely on research by both government and private oraganisation. According to the U.S. Survey Department, manufacturing sector is the largest supplier to e-commerce sales which has 47.4% of their total shipments, followed by vendors which

  • The Importance Of Quality Evaluation Model

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    Paper1 Designing an electronic commerce interface attention and product memory as elicited by web design Wilson Lee, Izak Benbasat Division of Management Information Systems, Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, B.C. V6T 1Z2, Canada Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) shopping websites are becoming popular platform for shopping with the ease of home comfort and also becoming the attractive business, so there are many shopping sites already available and new are keep