Nordstrom's Competitive Advantage

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Nordstrom is usually located in shopping centers, specialty centers, and central business districts. Nordstrom also has stores in both location choices to further availability to increase its target market, who prefer shopping in these two retail locations. Nordstrom allows customers to search through multiple level stores to find exactly what they want. Nordstrom also has helpful sales floor associates to guide customers to the products they want.
Nordstrom has central business districts that are chosen as other stores located within real estate, which attracts the same target market. Nordstrom’s inventory is meant to have more urban/prosperous consumer in mind. Nordstrom’s CBD locations serve as ports for public transportation, and pedestrian traffic. With Nordstrom being in the center of downtown, means being close to very affluent residents who are less price sensitive in their shopping likelihood.

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Nordstrom carries an assortment that focuses more on its merchandise granted with its partnerships and high-end label brands. This is how they compete with companies like Barney’s. Nordstrom’s merchandise may not all be high-end, but the company does sustain balance between quality control and enhanced inventory capacity over higher-end competitors. Nordstrom’s customer service has a great “no-questions-asked” policy, as well as same day delivery service, and complementary gift-wrap service. Lastly, Nordstrom’s growing brick-and-mortar presence has a very advanced search engine to go through Nordstrom’s store products to make online shopping easy and more exciting to use. Technology gives consumers unique access to information, while retailers must figure out how to get and use huge amounts of customer data which technology makes

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