Fendi Competitive Advantage

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The companies in today industry serve a huge competitiveness. Current competitors take advantage of the demands from consumers to earn high profit margins. Fendi is known as a rich brand heritage and is the first global group in luxury product. They are widely recognized for its leathers, furs, watches and bags. together with their craftsmanship which make it creative. The main aim is to focus on customers ' needs and their unique to connect through the world of design. They launched the image of ready-to-wear for all people. Fendi engage individual with original concepts and designs with their products and also develop talent to increase professional growth which focus on transforming dream into reality. This target the modern lifestyle of …show more content…

Customers do not want to switch to purchase different brands, as such they hold some bargaining power to drive the demand. In the luxury industry, it is possible that existing companies or new designers could enter internationally. However, the brand positioning serve as a serious barrier to create awareness due to customer loyalty and acceptability of the brand. In this case, threat of new entrants is relatively low. Luxury products are not easily substitute as it is not an ordinary goods but the threat can derive from imitation. Counterfeit will lead consumers willing to pay lesser value as it is lower in price to try out low-quality of the brand before purchasing the authentic item. Additionally, leather goods product may also be substitute with lower grade of affordable brand. Therefore, the threat of substitute is high. The brands set different prices of its product base on design, size and heritage. This is due to brand loyalty that each brand possesses by each luxury group. Particularly put extensive brand portfolio to cover different customer segments. As such, the brand is niche in the market leading to rivalry of the competitors in this industry to

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