Marketing: A Case Study Of Sephora's Marketing Mix

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Diversification: Upstream integration with suppliers, Sephora exchanges data collected from their digital channels with their manufacturers for new products development.

Role of Sephora digital channels in company’s marketing mix
Product: Sephora has more than 250 brands with approximately 13,000 products which include skin care, makeup, bath, fragrance, beauty accessories, hair products as well as other beauty and body care products and each of these categories has various sub-categories (CNBC, 2017). The company's product offering is able to meet the diverse customers' needs. Even though most of the products sold by the company were manufactured by so many other brands, each of these brands have a different product concept which aligned …show more content…

For example, customers who wish to purchase a moderate price lipstick can get it at $8 from Tarte Vitamin, those who wish to spend a bit more can get it from LORAC at $9 and others who wish to spend higher can get it from Lancome at $35. Although prices are much more at Sephora customer are still willing to purchase from Sephora because the company has justified the greater cost through the provision of higher quality products. However, the internet has impacted the way in which brands’ products are priced as well as the way in which brands compete with each other nonetheless, Sephora’s digital channels do not play a role in the company’s pricing strategy as price remain the same of all orders from different part of the world thus, the pricing part of the marketing mix did not change with company’s digital channel strategy (Rudolph …show more content…

The customers can as well upload their pictures and virtually try different products on their face and get advice on the best way to apply the products. The mobile application was downloaded by over 2.5 million customer and generated a traffic of approximately 75% as the company’s customers were converting and shopping making up to 167% orders over the year and due to that the company got 400,000 beauty insider signed up (issuu, 2017).

Therefore, a big number of the Sephora's promotional initiative is based online which help the company to reach their younger targeted audiences and to have a big impact on the customers that are not willing to place order online with confidence as well as infrequent customers to explore and try new products (Chen et’al. 2011). And hence, Sephora’s digital channels play an important role by serving as communication tools for the company to promote their products via different channels to in order to reach the targeted

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