The Cause And Causes Of Online Shopping On The Internet

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Causes According to Amin & Noor (2013), the E-consumers generally refer to the purchaser of goods and services over electronic systems such as Internet and other computer networks. This new group of consumers is increasing in number over the years as on-line shopping become a trend and manifestation of modern life style.Based from the Paynter & Lim (2001), E-commerce would provide consumers with benefits such as interactive communications, fast delivery, and more customization that would only be available for consumers through online shopping. Product information in the Internet is more compact and it ranges from various sites. Users have more opportunity to choose and compare products they want to purchase or easily find and select specialized products. This kind of open market place would increase competition, provide benefit for industrial buyers as it will promote better quality and more variety of goods. Nowadays, the desires to shop and buy through the Internet become a trend to the people. Usually, the rate when people use to online shopping is during the festival season such as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. This is because, the shopping on the Internet deals with many purchasing opportunities and assorted with the special product to be sold to the customers. These opportunities make the online shopping or internet shopping can be convenient, economical and safe, fun. Moreover, without an extra cautious, the online shopping will be a venue for other people or named as

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