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  • Online Shopping And Web Shopping

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    Web Shopping Web shopping and customary shopping are sharing numerous likenesses, in the meantime, regardless it exists a few contrasts between them, for example, the Internet shopping could give accommodation and intuitive managements, and the conventional shopping could gives clients more happy with shopping environment and great nature of items (Lee and Chung, 2000). Both part of shopping centers are attempting to enhancing their managements by gain commutatively from one another, for example

  • Shopping Effects On Female Shopping

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    ways in which customers can shop for apparel. Only a few years ago, in-store shopping was the female consumers shopping preference. However, with advanced technologies and online retailers, there has been a drastic shift in consumer shopping behaviors. It is vital that brick and mortar retailers can differentiate themselves from online retailers that pose competitive threats, and create a personal and desirable shopping experience for female consumers. In order for stores to do this, they need to

  • Online Shopping Vs Traditional Shopping

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    A Comparative Study between Traditional and Online Shopping of Apparel in Dumaguete City Shopping is one of the addiction and one of the activities among people to which they can use their money to purchase their necessities and buy their luxury goods to satisfy their well being. People make shopping as an entertainment. They enjoy going to shopping centers, look for a product and purchase them. Some people enjoy staying in their houses, search in the web and wait for their product to be delivered

  • Online Shopping Vs. Traditional Shopping

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    These stores can do the same things traditional stores can do but only better and it’s only a matter of time where the popularity of online shopping will outgrow the popularity of traditional shopping. With multiple online stores like eBay, Amazon, Zalora, Lazada, and many other successful sites out there on the web, we cannot deny that online shopping is not a fad and it may be a major thing in the future.

  • Shopping Online Vs Online Shopping

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    advent of Internet and e-commerce people have a behavioral shift from the conventional way of shopping. The introduction of online shopping or e shopping had drastically changed the way of shopping people usually do. With this more and more people prefer online shopping to conventional shopping. It made shopping more easier, convenient and hassle free and also provide a platform to the people to do shopping from anywhere at anytime. There are factors, which affect the people to go shop online rather

  • The Importance Of Internet Shopping And Traditional Shopping

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    be taken home and be used. 3.1. Internet Shopping Internet shopping and traditional shopping are sharing many similarities, at the same time, it still exists some differences between them, such as the Internet shopping could provide convenience and interactive services (Jarvanpaa and Todd, 1997), and the traditional shopping could gives customers more comfortable shopping environment and good quality of products (Lee and Chung, 2000). Both aspect of shopping malls are trying to improving their services

  • Limitation Of Shopping

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    LIMITATIONS OF THE STUDY  The study is confined to Coimbatore city only.  The study is based upon the consumer behaviours of online shopping.  The data collected for the research is fully on primary data given by the respondents.  There is chance for personal bias. So the accuracy is not true. Analysis of Data TABLE 1.1 SOCIO ECONOMICS STATUS OF THE RESPONDENTS Gender Variables Categories No.of Respondents Percentage Sex Male 18 22.5 Female 62

  • Shopping Is Better Than Online Shopping

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    enthusiast about shopping. As we know, shopping comprises of two parts which is online shopping and shopping at the mall. We can see many people from different race, gender, age, religion and so on because there are no limited to the shoppers .We also can see many mall in Malaysia and online shopper that promote their items and materials on instagram , facebook , website and blog . According to the price , shopping at the mall is quiet cheaper , reasonable and affordable than online shopping because

  • Online-Shopping: The Benefits Of Online Shopping

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    According to Gutman, (1982) perceived benefits are attributes that derive beneficial outcomes. The benefits can be physiological, psychological, sociological or physical in nature. In the online shopping setting, perceived benefits of consumers are the sum of online shopping advantages or gratifications that convene their demands (Shwu-Ing, 2003). The principles employed by consumers may be based on attributes and benefits of a specific product being considered for purchase or from the stores where

  • Disadvantages Of Shopping

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    online saves fuel and time. No matter the high cost of fuel, shopping online for customers has become very popular there is no need to wait in traffic that takes forever or perhaps joining longer ques or even walking into a crowded shop, because whatever you need eBay has got you covered since there’s no need for vehicles when using this system of shopping online you can actually save your money which would and this does not affect your shopping errands because you can now use your money budgeted for

  • Online Shopping Vs Traditional Shopping

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    became possible, and the ingenuity of the human mind continues to improve this, especially in the field of commerce. Online shopping has been considered a great success on selling products to the consumers, but will it be enough to replace traditional shopping? The researcher has studied the advantages and disadvantages of online shopping compared to traditional shopping. The researcher conducted surveys among the students of Xavier University to determine if the results would agree with the information

  • Compare And Contrast Online Shopping And Traditional Shopping

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    say online shopping is better than traditional shopping. One of the reasons why I settled for online shopping over traditional shopping is that, online shopping has easy accessibility. Accessibility in the sense that many buyers can access a shop at the same time without any obstruction. Now that technology has immensely contributed to the living standard of human, buyers can access and order for any product of their choice without practically going to the shop. Traditional shopping on the other

  • The Motivation Of Online Shopping

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    check that why and how people are being motivated towards online shopping and does this motivation leads to the help businesses to expand and generate more revenues. With the help of many of the sources it is clear that the people are being motivated towards online shopping due to technological advancements and to spend lesser time on shopping. Technology has taken over. Everything is done using a machine even people have preferred shopping online. The trend is growing too fast increasing revenues from

  • Benefits Of Online Shopping

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    Due to number of benefits the trend of online shopping has grown tremendously. The main reason is the flexibility available because of online shopping where the customer is able to find required information as well as make purchase anytime and anywhere which the easier and safe methods of payments. Another benefit is the cost benefit and this comes in because online products are perceived to be a lot cheaper than physical store products (Forsythe, et al. 2006). The review of literatures state that

  • Process Of Online Shopping

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    Online shopping is the act of buying goods and making purchases done on the internet. It has been around for quite some time and has been gaining popularity among Bruneians. We chose online shopping as the main focus of this assignment because we wanted to find out the system working behind online shopping. One difficulty we faced in completing this assignment was that we could not find many participants that have experience in online shopping to be interviewed. This assignment consists of report

  • The Awareness Of E-Shopping

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    Online shopping is getting popular in all over the world and included Malaysia. The rapid of the e-commerce changed the way of business and consumer on their method of distribute and purchases things. Moreover, the fast pace of technology increase the competition in the online retailer market makes them competitive against this overloaded market. Consumer can have wider choices and there is boom of information for them to compare, choose, make them convenience and create a high chance for them to

  • Essay On Online Shopping And Traditional Shopping

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    Compare/contrast shopping online with traditional shopping Do you love shopping? According to; shopping is the process of browsing and/or purchasing items in exchange for money. Traditionally, people shopped by physically visiting stores and malls; however, with advancement in technology, shopping has become easier via the internet. This new advancement permits shoppers to attain items without exiting their home or office. Given the circumstances of the consumer, traditional shopping and

  • Factors Of Online Shopping

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    I Introduction: The purpose of this study is to examine the aspects which encourage online shopping. A Large number of consumers frequently shop on the internet. A classical explanation of this study is to understand the influence of different factors of online shopping, purpose, and behaviour of consumers. The study will be researched and presented as a quantitative method to answer my research question and two hypotheses. Data will be collected from 150 online consumers from India and Germany

  • Online Shopping Literature

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    Review Of Literature ( customer satisafcation towards online shopping) George Adamidis et al (2006), in this paper, the authors discussed about specific aspect of shopping; grocery shopping. Grocery shopping is an essential and routine type of consumer behavior, which over the last few decades has undergone major changes due to the rapid evolution of technology. E-grocery is the new form of grocery shopping, which allows consumers to order products via the Internet from the convenience of their house

  • Advantages Of Online Shopping

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    ONLINE SHOPPING TO BUSSY PEOPLE Nowadays, people always busy for their work and forget to serve themselves, people who are busy with business work couldn’t have got much time to buy anything they desire. Now, people do not afraid for used their time to work due to from now on, there is available various website in application store. Ordinarily, choice of goods type available in online shopping this advantage is the most prominent thing about online shopping. You could choose the type of goods