Ice Wine Essay

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The term Internet has evolved into many meanings since its birth and has become an essential tool as a distribution method. The users being consumers and makers are aware of all situations and give them a headed advantage and an increased competition scenario.
The development of e-commerce from mere advertisements to websites and applications on mobile has seen a new tail in making, tossing the old school methods for a leap. This also requires understanding of how the consumers of the targeted market approach this new technology over the traditional approach. Before the Internet came into its impact the Russians and Europeans hardly peeked beyond the geographical boundaries to shop; and cars were available at differences as high as 40% are now easily taken over advantage by the Internet users. As the Internet sees its evolution in many more modes as the time passes, it is difficult to predict any one method of distribution to be standard. In simpler words, what might sound as a perfect strategy today might outdate tomorrow, so it’s important to evolve and stay updated at maxima level. (Cateora et al, pg.448) …show more content…

We would not only set a learning e-portal to inform the consumers about Ice wines and its uses, also set an online platform for interaction with the masses on a live time basis to understand their tastes and preferences and adapt likely. Setting up pages will not only help clear queries but will add to a direct point of contact with the users themselves, eliminating the unnecessary middleman and maximising profits or share the benefits with the consumer

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