In Cold Blood Essay

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In Cold Blood Essay
The actions of Perry Edward Smith and Richard Eugene “Dick” Hickock on November 15, 1959, will forever be remembered and gives the state all reason to why they deserve the death penalty. Herb Clutter, Bonnie Clutter, the father and mother, Nancy Clutter, Kenyon Clutter, the children of Mrs. and Mr. Clutter were the four citizens that tragically lost their lives. Smith and Hickock deserve the death penalty for the crime they committed.
The Clutter home is located in Holcomb, Kansas. In that home, four innocent lives were taken by Smith and Hickock, who had no business being in the home in the first place and had left with only $40-50. Al Dewey had said, "The suffering. The horror. They were dead. A whole family. Gentle, …show more content…

Any one person, or in this case two people, that kill another human being should deserve the death penalty. Duntz said, “‘You were killing the Clutter family.’ Smith swallowed. He began to rub his knees. You were out in Holcomb, Kansas. In the home of Mr. Herbert W. Clutter. And before you left that house you killed all the people in it." (Capote, 144) Being murdered is one of the most harsh ways you can pass. Bonnie said, “To be murdered. To be murdered. No. No. There's nothing worse. Nothing worse than that. Nothing," (Bonnie, 96) Both men should be counted as equally guilty no matter who did the killing. Both Smith and Hickock were at the scene of the crime and the reason it took place. "Can there be a single doubt in your minds regarding the guilt of these defendants? No! Regardless of who pulled the trigger on Richard Eugene Hickock's shotgun, both men are equally guilty," (The Corner, 192). Regardless of which exact man who did it both were equally in the wrong for the actions they committed. Perry Smith and Richard Hickock do in fact deserve the worst punishment, the death penalty. Both men were at the scene of the deaths, both men deserve the

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