Chicken International Company Case Study: Wholesome Hamburger Company

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Scenario One Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a new concept that has been integrated into the operations models of many organizations. It is an ethical mandate that requires a corporation to establish initiatives that reflect on specific social and environmental wellbeing. All efforts are supposed to go beyond any provided regulation. Wholesome Hamburger Company’s ethical challenge is related to its failure to observe tenets of corporate social responsibility, especially that of sustaining the environment. The drought situation is a significant issue that has potential to affect the operations of the establishment. However, the dilemma is to determine whether the business is going to respect the ultimatum to use less water, which in…show more content…
Food production establishments are expected to uphold the highest quality and health standards. It is more of a requirement than a request that is usually mandated by authority bodies. In this respect, all activities done by Chicken International Group should focus on providing the best products that adhere to health principles. It would be unfair to charge customers extra for an adjustment made in the production process. The dilemma, in this case, is whether the company should charge 20% more for products denoted with the term “free range” or to follow standard guidelines without focusing on increasing profit…show more content…
Employees in this part of the business should be aware of recent trends, concepts, and regulations that are to be upheld. Marketers are expected to be knowledgeable about many issues, especially those concerned with their work roles. The scenario reflects the incompetence of the firm’s marketing team. It is a problem that must be dealt with immediately to send a stern message to other employees. Chicken International Group, like any other food production establishment, is supposed to guarantee customers quality products. It is a requirement that should be followed without paying much attention to profit acquisition. Quality products must reflect health standards and guidelines. With such aspects observed, authorities are not going to investigate the organization for any fraudulent dealings. The health and perception of customers in the market are essential. The only way to ensure that this transpires is by producing quality products. The move to increase the cost of some products would be wrong. It would confirme that the company does not have strict ethical principles. Letting go of the marketing executives is a chance to propagate new ethical norms within the

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