Yum ! Brands: Quality Management System

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2.1 Quality Management System
Addey, (2001) argue that the quality management system is successful manage the planning stage of the firm, which improves defining the goals for the company which including product or services the firm will offering to the customer. Then, the system will deal with all process from sales services or product to the consumers. Yum! Brands company website ensures the unified quality management of food, suppliers, restaurant food and products that consumers provide. Yum! Brands have a highly reliable quality management system which supports the company to achieve mission and vision (Yumcsr.com, 2018). The main goal of applying the quality management system to enhance the performance, increase customer satisfaction and educate employees in frim for the concept of the quality management system (Yum.com, 2018).

The implement ISO standards for covering all areas of food safety and quality through a clear check of slandered and system (White, 2002). ISO standard support the Yum! Brands to ensure that the food to meets the requirements of the quality of customers and compliance requirements and regulation applicable with those foods and meals, company follow Quality management for three areas such (Food, Supplier and restaurant food Safety). Yum! Brands Include strict standards, surveillance …show more content…

Brand described as a network of facilities and distribution options. The researchers argue the supply chain include different functional areas such as inbound and outbound transportation vegetables, chicken and meat, warehousing, inventory control, suppliers foods, supply management forecasting, production planning, order processing and customer services (Dwivedi, Dwivedi and Tewari, 2014). Supply chain management consists of managing the production network from raw material supplier to final customer. Regardless of any doubt, any industry faces a range of challenges in the supply

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