Yum Value Chain Analysis

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Core Competency(ies) of the Company The core competencies of Yum! is its ability to build up its supply chain quickly in new locations leading to above average procurement of packaging, key in the fast food industry. These factors combine to allow locations to hit the ground running and do what Yum! Brands locations do best; providing low cost items to their customer in a quick and timely fashion both domestically and internationally. Value Chain of Yum Brands’ Inc In my value chain analysis, I broke down the total service provided by Yum in several set of value creating activities and found out in which stages they add value through exceeds the cost of the activities, thereby resulting in a profit margin for cooperate. The primary value chain activities are: - Inbound logistics: Most raw materials are imported from China. Shipment is …show more content…

They always keep themselves up to date with new tools that help them make business faster and more convenient for customers. For example, Pizza Hut- the brand owned by Yum! Brands- have created automatic ordering systems that customers can order pizza, pay and come to pick it up when it is ready. Besides ordering online, technology also helps consumers locate their favorite fast food restaurants in their nearest area and show them how to get there. From the restaurateurs' perspective, digital menu boards, flat screens and in-store signage will be critical marketing tools. It opens a new era for take-out foods. Even though they don’t use much technology in cooking process but applying a lot of currently technology is one of their strength. There is no product technology or research and developments occurs which can make a real difference in the products they offers. But it has a secret recipe, which separates its fried chicken and other foods from other fast food providers and attracts more customers. This actually helps it to gain more

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