Essay On How Technology Has Changed The Culinary Industry

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Research Paper How has computers changed the culinary industry? By : Tiffany Ceniza Submitted to : Ms. Lora Sebastian I. Introduction II. Discussion III. Conclusion IV. Reaction V. References I. Since the day of its creation, there has been one thing in our lives that has changed the way we communicate more than any other. It’s the one thing that has made us less social and more depressed. Yes, you’re right. I’m talking about technology. The purpose of technology is to make life simply easier. Internet, wifi, social netowrking sites, etc. are used by nearly everyone in the planet. People use it during work and for schooling. So, how has technology changed the culinary industry? II. …show more content…

How has computers, specifically the internet, changed the industry in general for the last 2 decades? Technology touches every facet of our lives as it always has but with the emergence of mobile devices and cloud computing making more of an impact than ever, you’d be hard-pressed to go anywhere and not find a high-tech piece of hardware or software around. These advances have made an impact everywhere, and one of the places we’re seeing more and more technology is in the food and restaurant industry.Between the arrival of mobile devices on the table, online reservations, social media, and new payment methods, technology has infiltrated the food and restaurant industry like never before. Some of the advances will serve to improve the experience both for the industry and for the patron. Yet with every new advance comes a new challenge, and with technology moving faster these challenges can seem insurmountable. It’s how the industry deals with these advances and the challenges that accompany them that will determine the fate of many restaurants, regardless of what’s on the

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