Stop Googling: Let's Talk By Sherry Turkle

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The advancement of technology that our society has been privileged with, is starting to take over human’s emotions and replace them with those of a robot. When it comes to the discussion of technology, I have mixed feelings because, in my opinion, we do have a great tool in the palm of our hands. However, I also think human emotions and actions are starting to become robot-like. We need to be able to process emotions so that we can better our understanding of not only each other but also ourselves. I strongly think society needs to evict the virtual world and come back to the real world although it is safe to say I personally have a love-hate relationship with technology.

M.I.T professor, Sherry Turkle published an article “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk” to the New York Times September 26th, 2015. In her article, she focuses on how technology has impacted our interactions with one another. The article also states how our emotions such as empathy are starting to deplenish. In part of the article she goes on to talk about how we can substitute technology with solitude. Sherry Turkle’s article gives the impression that we need to use our advanced technology as a tool rather than silence our natural emotions for those of the virtual world.

I believe that technology affects everyone differently, for an example, a phone is a great tool for a mechanic because often they have to look up part numbers and detailed information about certain parts and a phone delivers a quick response.

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