Critical Analysis Of Growing Up Tethered By Sherry Turkle

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Growing Up Tethered A professor at the Program in Science, Technology, and Society at MIT, Sherry Turkle talks about how kids today are attached and somewhat obsessed with technology in her article called “Growing Up Tethered.” Turkle interviews with many different teenagers about the different types of technology they possess and how it impacts their everyday life. She talks a lot about how technology can do away with our privacy and also how people feel the need to be constantly connected. Turkle mainly focuses on the point of how there is a constant need for connection and people are obsessed with knowing who is on the other end of a phone call or waiting for a text back. In her article, she interviews teenagers who are willing to lie or put themselves in danger in order to stay connected. People have lost the meaning of a true relationship and it is very evident in Turkle’s essay that people are too connected with technology to connect with the people around them. Sherry Turkle wrote an article called “Growing Up …show more content…

Turkle also discusses how people are willing to put their lives in danger such as texting and driving in order to stay connected. Although texting and driving is illegal people continue to do it any way but why? The answer is the need of being connected. While talking with many students who are able to drive Turkle discovers many interesting things. While talking to a male student he says that while he is driving if he gets that Facebook message or text message he will check it even if he is driving. Putting his life at risk does not really matter as long as he stays connected with other people. When Turkle surveys a group of boys they are reluctant but they do say they also text and drive as well. Putting your own life in danger does not really make sense but that is another reason why Turkle believes many people grow up

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