A Rhetorical Analysis Of Ethos By Sherry Turkle

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Sherry Turkle has quite an interesting view on today`s “wired” world and the concept of being alone together. Therefore, the author is clearly convinced that the world of technology has deprived us of some of the most basic social skills. Although technology can literally grant us unlimited access to the information of the world in which we live today, I too consider that technology does represent a danger on the way we use to socialize before and now. As a result, Turkle does a marvelous job of introducing her beliefs as well as what it could be consider strong evidence to convince her readers making her argument a reasoning sound. It is quite clear that the author showcases Ethos by displaying clear evidence on both areas; logos and ethos. When it comes to logos which is the appeal to reason, Turkle displays strong evidence that demonstrates why technology has such an awful impact in or social world one example of such evidence is when she ask a sixteen year old boy who heavily relies on texting to communicate and states “someday, someday, but certainly not now, I’d like to learn how to have a conversation.”(Turkle) Indeed it is quite …show more content…

I partially disagree with the last statement because although I do recognize that we are becoming more dependent on what our computers can do, there are some aspects in which a computer can totally fail but a human wont. A Computer can provide you with outstanding amounts of information that anyone may require to complete a task, but no one should expect the computer to do all the job, it is only a tool that provides us with some of the means to achieve a goal, the rest will depend on human help. One good contradiction to this is the fact that some people will preffer to speak to a machine rather than a human, but that problem should not only be blamed on computers but rather the way in which one develop and performs

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