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Sandesh Aryal Pr. Laurel Philips English 1301-53014 29 March 2018 Summary and Response: Stop Googling. Let’s Talk Technology has made the world like a small town. We can know what is happing in China or India even if we are in America. We can talk to the person sitting at any corner of the world. Smartphones have dramatically changed the way we communicate today. But, what about the face to face communication? Are we paying close enough attention to the people around us? People these days are so attached to their cell phones that they don’t realize what is going on around them. Children nowadays have 1000 friends on Facebook but doesn’t have enough friend to hang out in real life. In the article “Stop Googling. Let’s Talk”, Sherry Turkle talks about how the technology have affected people with results of different research and gives her own explanation to them. This article relates to the human psychology and the use of technology It is a worth reading article because most of us can related …show more content…

I agree with her opinion of people not paying too much attention to the face to face communication. I have been in the situation were everybody is on the cell phone and not paying attention to each other. Turkle argument is so relatable to the people who use technology. Turkle is not completely against technology. She is trying to make an insight on the negative aspects of technology. She is trying to create awareness in people especially on youths through this article. Turkle puts her argument with some facts and research to persuade the people of all age group for the minimum use of cell phones during conversation. I would say she is also trying to bring back empathy in people. By utilization of logos and pathos in the article, Turkle is trying g to make people really think about this aspect of technology and act in a way that you don’t disregard the positive aspect of

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