Summary Of Ditch The Screens And Let Children Be Children

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The article being analysed is "Ditch the screens and let kids be kids," by Sue Wighton, published The Courier-Mail on the 20th of June 2016. In the article, Wighton identifies the topic "Screen Time," and the issue "Should we take electronics away from children." Her contention throughout the article is to inform people of the effects screens have had on children and the community. Throughout the text Wighton adopts a narky and irritated tone, which further progresses into an aggressive tone and finally into pleading yet sarcastic tone. Attached with the article is a photo of a baby holding a tablet and a businessperson holding a holographic globe, which leads off to several technological devices. The photo of the baby implies that children are receiving technology at such a young age that they're forgetting how to be kids. The second photo, with the businessperson, explains that technology can lead us through several pathways and connect people across the globe in more ways than we can dream. Wighton is very serious throughout the article, suggesting that it is important and needs to not be taken lightly. …show more content…

She appeals to technology several times throughout the text allowing the audience recognise the issue. As technology continues to take a step forward, the community will quickly take that next step behind it to create more problems for families and young

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