Obesity And Technology Essay

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Questionnares on technology and obesity were handed out to people of a wide age range. These questionnares shown that in terms of technology, over the generations there has been a significant change. The questionnaires shown that technology was used daily by children of different generations. The difference is the way in which technology was used and type of technology they had access to. People born in the 40s listed things such as lights, tumble dyers, cars and washing machines as being everyday technology from their childhood. These are all normal and common items used by most people in today’s society. At the time these would’ve been luxuries. Over the generations childhood everyday technology has shifted from being practical items to being …show more content…

The amount of items children own has increase as the generations go on. With children from the 90s listing items such as mobile phones, Nintendo’s PlayStation’s and mp3 players etc. today’s children have more accesses to technology. Children from as young as 6 own tablets, netbooks, smart phones, computer, video consoles and T.V’s. The questionnaire also shows that throughout the generation’s children today have more access to T.V’s within their homes. For example 9 year old has 4 T.V’s when a 47 year old only had 2 and 75 year-old only had one (in which they didn’t get until they were 16). Most people of different generations all have access in their homes today. All these factors could affect a child’s childhood. Children today may spend less time outdoors and getting physical exercise as a result of able to access technology more. This may also affect their health. It may also mean that they’re less social. Children born in the 60’s etc. may have spent more time out, doing things and spending time with friends and families when now they can just talk and video chat through technology. Having more access to internet may also put children at risk from being in contact with

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