Responsive Essay: The Veldt By Ray Bradbury

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Responsive Essay: “The Veldt” This responsive essay is covering “The Veldt,” published by Ray Bradbury in 1951. “The Veldt” is a short story describing a concerned set of parents Mr. and Mrs. Hadley about their kid’s childhood. Peter and Wendy, the Hadley children, have their own mechanical based nursery, created by their parents. The nursery seems to influence the children with judgement throughout the passage. During these decisions from the children both of the kids make the nursery a top priority. Many outcomes occur in the Hadley household involving the nursery. In his writing of “The Veldt” Ray Bradbury describes the influence technology has on young children in our society. Throughout past eras there has been tremendous improvements to technology. …show more content…

This is a common mistake from a young child while being influenced to the point of interfering with judgement. George Hadley seeks to contact a psychiatrist to observe the events happening inside of the nursery. This is a strategic decision only it lacks a bad source of getting the wrong individual for the objective. A better source would be a scientist; someone who could properly analyze and breakdown why exactly there are abrupt changes. As George properly presents initiative he seems to lack knowledge. As someone in need for his family, there should be more concern than given by George Hadley. Even his wife disagrees with his decision-making. Evaluating the main focus of attempting to reduce the focus of technology with children, Ryan Bradbury expresses different tactics of decisions throughout the selection. Showing the difference between positive and negative feedback from family values, the outcomes become various. Technology continues to expand in the world each day however, it mainly expands through our minds each day. The only way to implement focus or common values are simply up to the provider of our youth. Technology could be a success or a failure;

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