The Dehumanization Of Technology

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Technology to most people is often seen as something innovative and welcoming. People only understand the positive side of technology and how it makes everything so much faster, smarter, and inspirational. When we look at smartphones and laptops we see technology advancing the way we communicate towards each other and interconnect with one another to a global scale. On the science side technology has grown exponentially. Mothers can now choose how their baby will look like and can detect if the child is being born with a defect. This drastically lowers the birth rate of children with defects making technology essential. On another hand, we have the negative side of technology which creates fear and brings up many questions on dehumanization …show more content…

We only notice how technology affects us at the moment but don’t realize how severe technology can change the way we live our everyday lives. Dehumanizing technology has to be controlled with policies and rules before it gets out of hand and people are going to start being arrested because they might potentially hurt someone. “In years to come, many legal experts speculate, brain scans and DNA analysis could help to identify potential criminals at the young age of three” (Karoliszyn 339). Precognitive policing and any technology that deals with violating our rights as humans cannot be implemented. Science and technology has made many mistakes before and can make man more in the future. When we talk about branding young children as criminals we let technology choose the path we take which has no room for improvement or life changing moments people can go through to change. Technology will be even less compassionate than ever before and If we continue to go on this path technology will choose if we get to live our lives free or be in constant surveillance. This is what the future will bring if we don’t fight the war against dehumanizing technology. Most of the time it is not even our faults because the government never tells anyone what their plans are. I also see this as a big issue because there is so many secrets they have kept away from us and they only share it once when it is being put into practice. On another hand, many social …show more content…

From dating sites that is changing the way we meet and interact with one another to crime stopping technology that questions our 4TH amendment rights. Technology takes the human aspect out of the equation and it is just artificial intelligence that is guiding us to the wrong direction. Using technology to stop crime or find a significant other it takes away that compassion we should have towards one another and every one eventually will act and be the same. When you take the uniqueness out of something it dehumanizes people because whatever is unique about oneself is what makes you different from one another. This part of technology in particular is changing the way we meet and mate in society. The social norm has changed since the past where people used to send letters to their significant others or bring flowers to their door steps. Interaction between one another has changed and It is not because they don’t know how to do it but because in today’s society it is considered very unusual and strange to send someone flowers and people might judge you for doing something of that nature. Even though technology is beneficial in many ways humans are losing the ability to be social towards each other changing the way every single individual values the other person. People do not seek to show compassion towards one another because technology has driven them into a whole new world where you can pretty

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